Pollination thoughts

As we enter the main pollination window across almost the entire Lakeland Ag trade area, Mother Nature has the controls on most things that will dictate our final yields in 2016. Yet there are a few things that you can do to ensure this harvest is successful and a few that can help 2017 get off to a good start.

  • Monitor Low spots for Nitrogen stress. The heavy rains of the past couple weeks have resulted in ponded water and denitrification in some areas. I have noticed the lower leaves yellowing in a couple on our farm. These areas will need to be watched for stalk issues if this yellowing continues. A corn plant will do all it can to fill out its ear, including robbing Nitrogen from the lower leaves and stalk. This can result in weak stalks at harvest time if this trend continues.
  • Watch ditches for weeds. Many ditches have exploded with Waterhemp, Thistles, Giant Ragweed, and other weeds after the recent rains as well. A mowing, a 2,4-d/clarity treatment, or both could help make your life easier in 2017.
  • Start looking at your 2017 rotation and crop plan. Getting your head wrapped around that plan will allow you to make good solid decisions that help 2017 get started on a track. Soil Testing, Fertilizer plans, tillage needs, Tile work, ect all will go much more smoothly when thought out ahead of time instead of shooting from the hip in the combine cab.

Jul, 17, 2016